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6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

It’s no surprise to most of us that the bedroom is one of the more difficult living spaces to keep tidy in our homes. For many of us, its the room where we spend the most time, and whilst the majority of that is spent sleeping, it does become a dumping ground for just about everything at some point in time or another.

From our experience, the bedroom is arguably the most important room to keep tidy as its the place where you kick off your day and everything else flows on from there. Having your room in a neat and tidy order sets the platform for a great start to your day.

We have compiled 6 number of tips to help you keep that bedroom of yours feeling fresh.

1. Start with your bed

The statistics are pretty scary on how often people ACTUALLY change their bedsheets. Considering the amount of time we spend in bed, not to mention the number of activities that occur in the bedroom itself cleaning the bedsheets regularly should be a high priority.

Think about it for a second, do you eat in bed, or do you have pets that sleep on the bed? Do you shower before bed or are you prone to night sweats. Then there is the very obvious activity we don’t need to mention explicitly here. Unsurprisingly, 70% of soiled sheets are invisible to the naked eye.

Irrespective of how active you are in the bedroom ideally your bedsheets should be changed once a week but once a fortnight is completely acceptable.

2. Make your bed in the morning

Not only does making your bed start your day off right, it encourages you to keep the rest of your room tidy. Making your bed in the morning is a great habit to adopt as you are given a sense of “taking charge”. Not only does making your bed make your bedroom look infinitely better there is nothing like jumping into a made bed when you decide to call it a night.

3. Declutter your bedside tables and dressing table.

It’s so easy to dump whatever we can on the top of bedroom tables. Whether it be books or magazines, creams and all the other necessities that don’t seem to find their way back to their rightful homes these table tops are great collectors or clutter.

Return your books to the bookshelf and consider getting a container where you can neatly store all of your other items. Once this is done, give the tables a nice dust off and admire the newfound space in your bedroom.

4. Pick your clothes up off the floor and take them off any seats.

Nearly all of us are guilty of quickly throwing some clothing items on the ground promising ourselves that we will pick those up in the morning. As it turns out, those items generally form the foundation for a larger pile of clothes as we continue breaking that promise to ourselves. Before long there are more clothes on the ground than floor visible. Well it may not be that bad, but you get the idea. In any case, sort the clean from the dirty and find the floor again.

5. Consider a clothing basket

No, a laundry basket will not suffice. One of the best ways to counter the build up of clothes on the floor is to buy a nice clothing basket to store your soiled clothes. This way you will keep the mess contained and make the preparation for washing your clothes a much more manageable process.

6. Vacuum the bedroom

Last but not least, give your room the final touchup with a quick vacuum. Remember that dust doesn’t discriminate and will find its way under the bed and will sit above your skirting. Regularly vacuuming your room will save you from the build up of allergens as well as keeping the size of the clean under control.

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