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9 Things in Your Home you Forget to Wash

Cleaning your home can be a long and exhausting exercise. Many view cleaning like laundry, a necessary but often joyless chore. There are, of course, people who actually enjoy all the scrubbing, and wiping, and polishing. But for the rest of us, the temptation to do a quick, half-hearted and superficial tidying up is a … Continued

The Best Mops for Every Floor

Mops are essential cleaning tools that no home can go without. However, matching the right kind of mop for your home’s particular floor can be a bit of a pickle. Many people may then use the wrong type of mop for their floor and find that they’re not getting the results they expected. Meanwhile, others … Continued

A Simple & Easy Way To Clean Your Oven

Oven discolouration can be unsightly and can really impact the overall presentation of the kitchen. For anyone who has cleaned an oven they will testify the lack of ease in cleaning an oven and in particular, the cooked on grime off oven glass. While Hire a Butler offers services to alleviate the stresses and strenuity … Continued

8 Steps To Cleaning Up Your Spice Cabinet

Cleaning up your spice cabinet is often a daunting chore that no one wants to do. Often overlooked, it’s messy, dirty and too overwhelming to deal with at the first glance. It’s a repetitive process of removing all of the products, wiping everything down, then placing them back in the same spot only to have … Continued

Cleaning Your Window & Window Sills in 6 Simple Steps

Windows are found in everyone’s homes. Despite the fact that there’s at least one in every room, it’s still the most neglected area when it comes to cleaning. Magnets for dust, germs, fingerprints and dirt, implementing a regular routine for keeping your window and window sills clean improves the appearance of your home, both inside … Continued

What To Clean After Illness Strikes

At some point during the winter months, you and your family are bound to be struck by illness, whether it be a cold or the flu. With illness lurking at every corner of your home, it’s easy to miss spots of your house when cleaning that may still be crawled with germs and bacteria. In … Continued

Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Whether cleaning is your strong suit or not it can be hard to keep things in order all the time. It probably comes as no surprise that the kitchen is one of the least desirable rooms to spring clean and reorganise. Whilst we all have a baseline level of neatness in the kitchen we aim … Continued

A Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Game Plan

With meal preparation, cooking, cleaning and more, the kitchen is generally a hive of action in the home. Whether you are a family household, sharing a home with other tenants or independently, the dirtiness of a kitchen can quickly get out of hand if not properly managed. As a consequence, we have compiled a fail … Continued

6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

It’s no surprise to most of us that the bedroom is one of the more difficult living spaces to keep tidy in our homes. For many of us, its the room where we spend the most time, and whilst the majority of that is spent sleeping, it does become a dumping ground for just about … Continued

Cleaning your Bathroom: 5 Easy Steps

Unless you are a professional cleaner and it’s your job, it’s fair to say that cleaning a bathroom is never too high on the priority cleaning list. Notorious for breeding germs, bathrooms are also renowned for seeing a build up of grime, residue, stains and hair. By staying on top of the state of your … Continued