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What To Clean After Illness Strikes

At some point during the winter months, you and your family are bound to be struck by illness, whether it be a cold or the flu. With illness lurking at every corner of your home, it’s easy to miss spots of your house when cleaning that may still be crawled with germs and bacteria. In this short blog, we list the top areas and places in your home that you definitely shouldn’t forget!

1. Products

Before you get started on your major cleanse, ensure that you have the right cleaners and equipment for the job! When a mix of mild cleansers and water won’t quite cut it for killing bacteria, viruses and germs, it’s important to use proper disinfectants following the product’s directions. However, if commercial disinfectant products aren’t readily available to you, you can also create your own mix by simply adding 2 tablespoons of 6% bleach to 4 cups of water!

2. Bedding

It’s easy to find comfort in our beds when we’re feeling lousy and unwell. That’s why it’s imperative to clean and sanitise your bedding. After an extended period of lying about, spreading germs and bacteria, sweating, sneezing, and constantly blowing your nose, changing your sheets after a long period of being sick is important for obvious reasons. Be sure to do a thorough clean of pillowcases, comforters, throw blankets and quilts to sanitise and stop the spread of germs. Additionally, what better feeling is there than lying in a bed full of freshly cleaned sheets after a long period of being ill.

3. Door Knobs & Handles

With constant contact with all of its surroundings, hands are responsible for spreading bacteria and germs around the house when you’re ill. Popular places that your hands come in contact with are door knobs and handles. Whether it be a bedroom door knob or a toilet handle, the spread of bacteria is very prominent when you’re not constantly washing your hands. Ensure that you have the best chance of ceasing the spread of germs by sanitising and cleaning all of the door knobs and handles in your home.

4. Towels

Towels, in particularly hand towels, are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Constantly thriving the residual moisture, residue and dead skin, it’s important to launder the towels after a long period of illness. Although it would be best practice to wash your towels after every three uses, it’s especially important to wash them after being sick.

5. Remotes & Touchscreens

After a period of illness, it’s important to sanitise and disinfect everything that your hands may have constant contact with. Key examples of this include remote controls and touchscreens. Similar to door knobs and handles, unless you’re constantly washing your hands, the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria increases with different people constantly handling the same things as you do. By using disinfectant sprays and all-purpose cleaners, this will help control the dispersion of germs from spreading from one person to another.

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