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Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning


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Sofas and upholstery are troublesome particularly when left in the hands of an inexperienced maintenance professional. At Hire A Butler we have expertise in the cleaning and maintenance of sofas and upholstery, offering various products, and services to maintain the usability and aesthetic value of your upholstered possessions. We offer once off and ongoing cleaning services, and seen as the premier cleaning services provider, specialising in hard to maintain fabrics and materials. We are seen by our clients as the best integrated cleaning services company in Melbourne.


While it might seem simple, Sofas can present challenges to the inexperienced, so don’t leave your valued possessions in the hands of amateurs. When you choose Hire A Butler, you can feel confident that our staff are highly trained and well versed in handling all manner of fabrics, materials whether it’s a synthetic covering, or a natural fibre, we will ensure that it is hygienic and looks its best.


In addition to our residential Sofa and Upholstery cleaning services we offer integrated commercial cleaning services that combine the expediency and capacity of a commercial cleaning service, with the personal touch that only comes with Hire A Butler. This means we can offer high quality service, with a personal touch, and at affordable prices. This is the Hire A Butler difference, Melbourne’s best cleaning service provider.

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