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The Best Mops for Every Floor

Mops are essential cleaning tools that no home can go without. However, matching the right kind of mop for your home’s particular floor can be a bit of a pickle. Many people may then use the wrong type of mop for their floor and find that they’re not getting the results they expected. Meanwhile, others would end up settling for any mop because they either think all mops are the same, or they are disinterested in the difference.

If your goal is to get the cleanest floors possible, then it is essential for you to know the different kinds of mops, their functions, and to which floors they are best suited. Here’s an essential guide to the best ever mops you can get for all types of floors. Some of these may even surprise you!

Cotton mops

The classic and most common type, cotton maps are probably the first image that pops into your mind when you think of “mop.” Made of absorbent heavy cotton, these mops are best suited for spillages where a quick clean up is required. These mops are also often the most affordable option. Their low price makes them easy to discard once they’ve become too worn to use.

Blended Mops

You can quickly identify if a mop is blended when you see horizontal stitching near one end of the mop head. This type of mop is a step-up above the standard cotton mop. Typically, blended mops are far more absorbent, which makes cleaning up large spills a breeze, almost enjoyable. Keep this mop ready for heavy mopping tasks where large amounts of fluid need addressing. Blended mops are also more durable and long-lasting than cotton mops, which are mostly disposable. If you’re looking to dry a vinyl or linoleum floor quickly, a blended mop should-be your go-to tool.

Flat Microfiber Mops

Use flat microfiber mops for ceramic tiles or quarry where grout lines are present. These type of floors benefit from keeping moisture to an absolute minimum. Thus, microfiber mops will be perfect since they require little liquid to be effective. Granted, a microfiber mop will likely cost more than a regular cotton mop. However, microfiber will be lighter, more durable, and much easier to use than the standard mop. Reusability is also very high since you can clean and reuse microfiber mops numerous times without it fraying or getting worn. With a telescopic handle, flat microfiber mops will be perfect for cleaning ceilings and high walls, cabinets, and shelves. Since they’re incredibly light, you won’t need to worry about fatigued arms as you would when using heavier cotton.

When you do need to clean your microfiber map, make sure you don’t mix it in with other cottons or fabrics, especially your clothes! Also, avoid using bleach, fabric softener, or high temperature washes as you might end up damaging the microfiber and diminishing its otherwise long lifespan.

Steam Mops

When you’re ready to invest in a more robust and advanced cleaning solution, then you might opt for a steam mop. Steam mops are lightweight, easily manoeuvred, and uses very little moisture. Unlike the previous maps, steam mops utilised hot steam to clean and disinfect floors. Typically, a small strip of microfiber is placed just below the steam spout to catch debris and prevent any dirt from getting into the mop’s electric components. You won’t just end up with hygienically clean sparkling floors that you can eat off of. The extremely hot steam from the mop will also restore your floor’s shine, help remove stains, and even kill dust mites! Also, the hot steam dries up in no time.

Steam mops will be excellent for all kinds of hard floors and will be a multi-functioning tool for your home. Whether you’ve got hardwood floors, tiles, linoleum, or laminates, steam mops will guarantee immaculate surfaces. Worried about the cost? Fret not; steam mops are available in models that fit different budgets! Although it may cost much more than the previous mops on this list, it can help you save in the long run since floor cleaning detergents, solutions, and disinfectants, or polishes won’t be as necessary with this mop.