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A Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Game Plan

With meal preparation, cooking, cleaning and more, the kitchen is generally a hive of action in the home. Whether you are a family household, sharing a home with other tenants or independently, the dirtiness of a kitchen can quickly get out of hand if not properly managed. As a consequence, we have compiled a fail safe method of keeping on top of the kitchen ensuring that you are taking all the steps to prevent any food borne illness in the home.

1. Nightly Kitchen Clean

After the final meals of the day have been eaten it’s time to quickly get the kitchen into a reasonable order. Rinse and wash any dishes that need to be hand washed and stack what can be put in the dishwasher. Quickly wipe down all bench tops, counters and tables with a cleaning spray. Also give your stove top and sink a quick wipe. If the floors are showing crumbs and dirt, a sweep of the broom should have the kitchen reset and ready to go for the next days traffic! Finally, check the rubbish bins to see if they need replacing.

The benefit of following these short and simple steps is that you will keep your kitchen clean almost all of the time. This enables you to keep the state of cleanliness in check meaning that it is much easier to keep a room clean when you are keeping up with it. Arguably most importantly, a clean kitchen prevents food contamination and potential illnesses of yourself and others in the household.

2. Cleaning Stainless Steel

The modern day kitchen is home to numerous stainless steel appliances that get smudged and full of fingerprints on the regular. We all love that shiny showroom stainless steel look however.

Our advice is to give you stainless steel appliances a clean once a week. The preferred method is to use a stainless steel cleaning product and a mircrofibre cloth. We recommend firstly use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe down the appliance. This is followed by using white vinegar applied to another microfibre cloth. Finally, use a stainless steel cleaner and a microfibre cloth to finish off the clean.

The best procedure to follow is to clean quickly and wipe away any residue at any stage of the process and in particular, do not let the cleaning agent dry before buffing it into the surface. Also, consider using a microfibre cloth that is suitable for stainless steel appliances. One final tip is to wipe in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel. This will ensure that you achieve the most thorough clean and polish ensuring that you maximise the shininess of the appliance.

3. Weekly Clean

To capitalise on your nightly efforts during the week we would like to think that the kitchen is already in very good condition for a weekly clean. This will mean that the time required to perform a more thorough clean will be drastically reduced.

Here is a checklist for the weekly clean;

  • Clear your counters and benchtops and use a cleaner to give a proper clean. Once you have done that, only return items that you use regularly and return everything to its storage position.
  • Clear away any dry dishes and thoroughly clean the sink and drying area with the same process explained in cleaning the stainless steel above.
  • Clean small appliances with a quick wipe down.
  • Look inside the oven and ascertain whether its due for a thorough clean or you have escaped the task for the week.
  • Caste your eye inside the fridge and freezer to determine whether any items have passed their expiry and throw them out accordingly.
  • Same again with the pantry and disposing of any items that have passed their expiry.

Following these three tips should see you keep a handle on your kitchen space with relative ease. Like anything to do with keeping your home clean it’s about regularity in your efforts to keep some level of order and cleanliness in any given space. The benefit of doing so will mean your home will always be looking lovely you will significantly reduce the time and effort required when it comes to spring cleaning your home.

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