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Cleaning your Bathroom: 5 Easy Steps

Unless you are a professional cleaner and it’s your job, it’s fair to say that cleaning a bathroom is never too high on the priority cleaning list.

Notorious for breeding germs, bathrooms are also renowned for seeing a build up of grime, residue, stains and hair. By staying on top of the state of your bathroom and regularly cleaning items such as the toilet, shower, bathtubs and basins will ensure that the bathroom remains sanitary and that the job itself is far more manageable and can be done reasonably quickly. For high use bathrooms we recommended cleaning these areas once a week.

Following these five steps will have you in and out of the bathroom in no time and you will have it looking pristine.

1 – Start by clearing off all the counters, bench tops and sinks prior to starting the clean. Then;

2 – Target any mirrors using your desired spray and wipe clean. To avoid streaking and lint residue use a glass and mirror microfibre cloth.

3 – Moving onto the toilet, sink, shower, benchtop and bathtub (bathtubs not regularly used do not need a weekly clean) and liberally spray with a disinfectant cleaner. We prefer using a non-toxic disinfectant so that any potential harm via the toxins is removed. For those that prefer using a specific toilet cleaner and brush tackle the toilet in one go and get it out of the way.

4 – Once you have sprayed all the areas in the bathroom, using a seperate cloth for each item, wipe the toilet, sink, shower, bench top and bathtub down. It’s very important to use individual cloths so to avoid any cross-contamination of the area. Place all the dirty cloths in a bucket once they are used. Pro Tip: don’t forget to wipe the outer base of the toilet (do that last).

5 – Depending on the size of the bathroom you may elect to use a vacuum cleaner or simply sweep the floor. Working your way back from the farthest corner clean all the dust and debris that has built up from cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Then mop the floor with hot soapy water paying extra special attention to the area around the toilet. Note: depending on the time since you last thoroughly cleaned the bathroom you may need to consider wiping down the skirting as well.

By regularly cleaning your bathroom and methodically working through steps 1 – 5 above, you can guarantee that you are spending minutes and not hours cleaning the bathroom whilst protecting the space from germs and grime build up.

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