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End of Lease Cleaning Guide

An end of lease clean is not your average “spring clean”. Real estate agents and landlords in Melbourne regularly withhold a portion of your bond because they expect more than a general vacuum of the floor and wipe down of the major housing appliances and utilities. In reality, there is every chance they will want appliances that have never been properly cleaned included in the end of lease clean. Quite often the expectation is that items such as light fixtures, ovens, balconies, ceiling fans and stubborn bathroom grime will be expected to be catered for in the end of lease clean.


We have compiled a short end of lease cleaning guide that aims to help anyone tackle the end of lease clean themselves.


1 – Agents work with a property condition checklist so it’s best to have your own checklist so that you don’t overlook something whilst in the process of cleaning.


2 – Move everything out before you start to clean so you have no obstacles in the way of methodically working through the property.


3 – Clean from the top down allowing for the dirt and dust to fall to the floor. Start with the ceiling and any fans, then navigate your way down past wardrobes and bench tops. Don’t forget the door knobs,  handles, as well as any architraves and skirting. Then finally you are left with the floor to clean.


4 – When cleaning the floors start in the furthest corner of the room to the door and work your way back from there. This helps leave the room without visible footmarks.


5 – Window coverings are regularly targeted by agents and landlords when conducting final inspections. Make sure you go over any drapes, curtains or blinds that may be part of the property fixtures.


6 – For dirty walls, wash them with a microfibre mop and sugar soap. Work from right to left and down the wall to ensure that no areas are missed and ensuring any dirt only runs over areas that are still dirty.


7 – Kitchen appliances are regularly scrutinised and regularly fall foul to not being cleaned to an acceptable standard. Cleaning the oven, stovetop, range hood, dishwasher as well as microwaves and fridges (if they come with the property) are essential in an end of lease clean. Kitchens are renowned for picking up grease and food splatters in obscure spots so care and detail in your clean is an absolute requirement.


8 – When cleaning windows, mirrors and any other shiny surface, clean until there are no streaks left on the surface.


9 – When cleaning cupboards and draws, cleaning the exterior alone will not pass the inspection. Make sure to wipe down all the insides of these areas and expect a random draw or two to be open and inspected for dirt.


10 – When  cleaning any wet areas, bathrooms or toilets, it’s easy to focus on the tubs, basins, sinks, toilet bowls and showers but don’t forget the floor tiles, grout lines and fixtures.


11 – Any pre-existing furniture that came with the property will be required to be emptied. It’s important to move non fixed items and clean behind and under them before returning them to their original position.


12 – Steam cleaning carpets, particularly in high traffic areas, can give the carpets the clean edge that they need to satisfy the inspection. You can hire a steam cleaner and do this yourself however contract a carpet cleaning professional for the best results.


13 – Once you have cleaned the floors, only wear socks inside. This will help to avoid soiling the floors unnecessarily.


14 – Clean outside the property. Depending on the type of property, you may be required to ensure the lawns are mowed, garden is tidy and the weeds are removed. Keep in mind this is the first impression the agent or landlord will have of your place so it’s best to ensure they are well groomed for an internal inspection.

15 – Use natural products that avoid leaving strong chemical odours.


16 – Remove all the rubbish from the premises prior to leaving otherwise you will run the risk of being charged for the disposal costs.


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